By Lyn Crosby

  • What is Mecai Designs?

    Mecai Designs focuses on luxurious designs and sustainable fashion. In contrast, the fashion industry is built on fast fashion and getting the latest trends.

    Fast fashion ruins our environment by creating a mountain of synthetic waste and creates a psychological need that can never be fulfilled.

    I dedicate my work to my late father Martin Cal who was an organic farmer that focused on treating the earth with care. His strong belief is that by using natural resources you will get good health and sustain the earth forever.

    Therefore, I choose to work with natural fibers to create beautiful garments that you will be able to wear for years and are gentle on our planet.

  • Fashion Show

  • The final line


    Watch a 2 minute video of my final line created for my Apparel and Design degree.

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  • Design Services

  • Services - Design development from concept to finished products including but not limited to; Pattern making, design development, tech pack and sample making.


    Cost - $55.00/per hour.


    Terms and Conditions - Will be discussed and agreed upon prior to project start.

  • About

  • Lyn is an Apparel Design & Development professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and love of sustainable fashion.

    Designer Statement

    "fashion is a symbol of your unique personality, style and energy. When fashion choice synchronizes with personality,then magic begins"

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  • Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.